Located in the heart of Chicago’s Fulton Market, The Polenta Bar invites you to experience true flavors of Milan in a fast-casual environment, with both modern and traditional polenta-based dishes. Our brick and mortar location is currently closed but we are very active in the pop-up scene and catering.

Polenta, which is a central component of Northern Italian cuisine, is fine ground corn cooked simply with boiling water, rock salt and high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil. The menu, designed by Chef Camillo Villa, showcases this staple Italian dish and utilizes organic ingredients, authentic Milanese flavors and traditional recipes. Our polenta is gluten and dairy free.

Originally developed in the Lombardia region of northern Italy 500 years ago, polenta has become an Italian institution. The Polenta Bar is the first of its kind to bring the full experience and traditional preparation of polenta to the United States. Our offerings are prepared by a Northern Italian Chef and served by staff educated in the culinary practice.

We invite you to be a part of the Milanese tradition of quick served polenta right here in Chicago by designing your own meal for lunch or dinner.

Polenta is gluten free and dairy free.

Meet Our Chef

Camillo Villa was born and raised in Lombardia. After completing culinary school in San Pellegrino Terme he traveled the world cooking Italian cuisine. Most notably Germany, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, Russia, and of course all over Italy. Camillo’s dream has been to come to the US and share part of his own personal northern Italian culinary tradition of polenta.

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